iPhone 8 Plus Repair

Repairs Starting At $69.99 | Same Day Service Available


LCD Replacement

  • Broken LCD Screen

  • Color Lines or Black Spots

  • Repair Time Only 30 minutes

Charging Port Repair

  • Phone Doesn’t Charge

  • Microphone/Headphone Doesn’t Work

  • Repair Time Only 39 minutes

30 Minutes Repair Service

We can do most iPhone 8 Plus Repairs in 30 only minutes.

Best Customer Service in New Jersey

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Highest Original Quality Parts

Our parts are the highest quality parts. We stand behind our iPhone 8 Plus parts.

The King Tech Guarantee 30 Days Free Warranty!

If for any reason you do have issue after your repair with your iPhone 8 Plus, no need to worry just bring it in

Here at King Tech Repair we have the best techs to repair your iPhone 8 Plus. King Tech Repair doesn’t charge you to diagnosis your iPhone 8 Plus. We have the fastest Repair times in NJ with 15 minutes repair service.

Did you break your iPhone 8 Plus today while getting out of your car?

Did you crack your iPhone 8 Plus today while taking your dog for a walk?

Was your iPhone 8 Plus screen shatter after a harsh drop on tile floor?

We know exactly how you feel. We can repair you iPhone 8 Plus Screen in only 15 minutes. Why wait at The Apple Store for 3 hours or even wait 5 days just for an appointment? We can repair you iPhone 8 Plus Home Button in only 15 minutes. We can repair you iPhone 8 Plus Charging Port in only 15 minutes. We can repair you iPhone 8 Plus Battery in only 15 minutes. The Repair Kings are located right in New Jersey!

The King Tech Repair Advantage

We have a full staff ready to assist you with your iPhone 8 Plus. If you’re in a rush and can’t make an appointment no worries. Just stop in, we can get you right on your way with your iPhone 8 Plus working better than ever. We stand behind all of our iPhone 8 Plus repairs. We are located right in Lyndhurst New Jersey. We are NJ’s most trusted Repair shop for your iPhone 8 Plus. Stop in and see why we are the Best!